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Auto Sanitizer Dispenser With Thermometer


Auto Sanitizer Dispenser with Thermometer


The Auto Sanitizer Dispenser with thermometer is one of our most seller all around the world. This product auto dispense the sanitizer and at the same time it will detect human temperature. Once the temperature is high it activates alarm system. This product can fully remove human interactive thermal checking procedure.


Model : JAWK9

Operating voltage : DC6V+10%

Authentication Mode : High precision infrared induction test

Hand disinfection : Liquid, gel, foam

LCD HD display : Green backlight (normal body temperature ) yellow backlight (high body temperature) red backlight (fever)

Measuring range : 35.5°C- 42°C (Non-medical product functions)

Temperature measurement accuracy : Accuracy : 0.5°C Temperature measuring distance : 10CM- 20CM

Data management : Intelligently upload temperature data network to management platform

Sprayer : Three-in-one disinfectant sprayer (liquid, gel and foam)

Spray trigger mode : Infrared induction, adjustable induction distance, strong anti-interference, not afraid of light changes, not affected by skin color

Residual capacity prompt : Intelligent sensing alarm of disinfectant residue

Capacity : 1300ml refillable inner box

Spray pump head : Service life more than 300,000 times

External dimension : 131 (width) *399 (high) *138 (thickness) mm

Shell material : ABS material

Installation : Wall-mounted,desktop,Vertical

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