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Palm Thermometer

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The Palm Thermometer adopts a high-precision infrared temperature sensor to detect the body temperature of the human body by measuring the temperature of the palm, wrist, or forehead of the human body. The equipment has built-in distance and temperature dual sensors, It has adopted method of non-contact measuring through the cross temperature algorithm of distance sensor and temperature sensor, the body temperature can be taken without touching the equipment.


The equipment has high accuracy, the temperature measuring error is less than 0.2 ℃, and the single temperature measuring speed is less than 0.5 seconds, which is very suitable for rapid temperature measuring at large flow areas or places, without the need for security guards to hold temperature measuring guns to measure temperature, it can effectively improve the efficiency of temperature measuring, improve the passing rate of the access reduce the cost of manpower and so on.


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Close range temperature measuring integr



Palm Reader


Palm Reader + LED Screen



Palm Reader + Tab


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