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Glitz Robotics & Technologies unleashes the advance technology solutions to man kind. Glitz team believes in protecting humans from the pandemic and from other contingencies through advance technologies & roboic solutions. We provide technology safety and security solutions all over the world. Glitz Team having more than 10 Years Experience in Robotics & Technology Industry. GLITZ Technologies operations mainly in UAE, Russia & Hongkong to take your business to the next level without any hassle. Get recommendations on selecting the right technology for your specific work place. Modernize your company infrastructure with advance technology products. Technologies reduce your costs and increases your safety & security.

Research & Development

Glitz Smart Solutions is driving the need for innovative solutions and this is what lies at the core of our innovations, enabling smart, sustainable solutions for business, so as to bring about sustainable change and developments. With our smart solutions, we develops integrating solutions in robotics, safety technologies and advancements to help you quickly and cost-effectively manage resources. GSS is integrating various items like thermal cameras, disinfection items into robots to fight against the pandemic. GSS also develop applications for robots according to client needs.

Technical Support

No matter from where you're or from which country you buy the product. Our technical team will support you 24/7 from installation to execution remotely or on site assistance. Each product glitz provide free technical support up to 6 months.

Commercial Robots

We buy robots, rebuilt the robot to user friendly mode, in order to make it easy operational for common people and deliver. Glitz Robotics are exclusive distributors & technical support team of many types of robots in UAE & Russia.


Safety of data and humans are our priority. In order the make sure that, we glitz robotics disables the cloud connectivity of data & reconnected to clients' local computer to make sure their data is safe and secure with them itself.

Choosing a Robot

According to Client requirements glitz is capable of suggesting the best option as per clients requirement.


All of our products have minimum of 1 Year Warranty also up to 5 Years.


Glitz Robotics & Technology is an ISO 90001 Certified Company. All our products are CE Certified and many products have various other certifications like RoHS etc.


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