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UV - Spray - Thermal Camera Robot
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Thermal Auto Dispenser
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Hand Sanitizer
Temperature Detection 
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UV Disinfection Lamp
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PIR System
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Glitz Robotics & Technologies unleashes the advance technology solutions to man kind. Glitz team believes in protecting humans from the pandemic and from other contingencies through advance technologies & robotic solutions. We provide technology safety and security solutions all over the world. Glitz Team having more than 10 Years Experience in Robotics & Technology Industry. GLITZ Technologies operations mainly in UAE, China & Hong Kong to take your business to the next level without any hassle. Get recommendations on selecting the right technology for your specific work place. Modernize your company infrastructure with advance technology products. Technologies reduce your costs and increases your safety & security.


Multi Disinfection Robot.jpg

Disinfection Robot - M1

UV, Spray & Thermal Camera

Multi Disinfection robot can super dry atomizing liquid and disperse the atomized droplets to the required area. Meanwhile, it is equipped with UVC lamp. The robot can reach the working area by autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance and moving, and work around the area target 360 degree without dead angle.

Smart Helmet.jpg

Smart  Helmet

Model: DS-2TD2617B-6/PA

Provide safe epidemic inspection programs for public places such as building security, warehouse security, airports, schools, government departments, police, military etc. Smart Helmet is equipped with high-precision infrared thermometer, thin and light AR glasses.

Thermal Camera.jpg

Thermal Camera

Model: DS-2TD2617B-6/PA

These cameras are the most seller around the world with high precision. It can be used in Hospital, school, police station, government, airport, railway station, bus station, metro station and other security check entrances for temporary control. Thermal distance: 1.5 - 3M

Air Purifier.jpg

Air Purifier (NASA)

Nasa Technology (US)

The most advanced air purification technology yet. It combines our storied NASA catalyst with air sanitizing media to cover the entire spectrum of indoor air quality issues. This product is an excellent VOC Air Purifier that is also proven to remove bacteria, viruses, dust & dander.

UV Lamp.jpg

Ultra Violet (C) Lamp

Ozone & PIR System

Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp UV04 38W

Voltage/Frequency:AC220-240v 50/60Hz

Product Size(mm):430*170, Ozone: Yes. PIR Sensor: Yes

Wavelength: UVC253.7nm

Material: metal

Switch: Remote control,15 seconds delay after turning on.

UV Air Purifier Robot.jpg

UV Sterilizing Robot - G1

Disinfection Technology

UV Disinfection Robot

1.Custom working hours
2.Super endurance
3.Automatic return charging
4.Multi mode indoor unmanned driving technology
5.Global original remote and convenient deployment capability
6.Self access elevator (scalable)

7.Working hours:3-4 hours

Display Robot.jpg



Multi Function Reception Robot

A perfect solution for advertising, office welcome robot also shops or shopping mall displays. It can help business to avoid human interactions. She is also highly versatile and customization with features including changing her opening remarks and greetings, company logo, professional knowledge database etc.

Size: 65 L x 56 W x 150 H cm

Delivery Robot.jpg

Delivery Robot - T5

Delivery Service Technology

Based on the new generation of fully autonomous positioning and navigation scheme, the robot T5 uses laser slam technology and multi-sensor, which is used for the distribution of restaurant dishes from the back kitchen to the dining table, circulates and moves to the customers in the waiting area to distribute snacks.

Delivery Robot 4.jpg

Delivery Robot

Hi-efficient Delivery Robot

Based on the new generation of fully autonomous positioning and navigation scheme, the robot T5 uses laser slam technology and multi-sensor, which is used for the distribution of restaurant dishes from the back kitchen to the dining table, circulates and moves to the customers in the waiting area to distribute snacks.



Robot - G2

Advertising Robot

The fully autonomous positioning and navigation technology by integrating  sensors such as LiDAR, machine vision, depth sensor, sonar, infrared etc., the robot are more intelligent and it can work efficiently in more complex areas, and bring you more powerful & personalized experience.

Spot Robot.jpg



Extended Version

Spot Explorer is designed for developers eager to explore how flexible mobile robots can be adapted for tasks ranging from industrial inspection to entertainment.

Spot comes ready to operate, right out of the box. With its flexible API and payload interfaces, Spot can be customized for a variety of applications.

Auto Dispenser & Thermometer.jpg

Thermal Auto Dispenser

Thermometer with Sanitizer

One of our most seller all around the world. This product auto dispense the sanitizer and at the same time it will detect human temperature. Once the temperature is high it activates alarm system. This product can fully remove human interactive thermal checking procedure.

Face Thermometer.jpg

Face Thermometer

Android 7.1 Version

Face Thermometer is a complete epidemic prevention solution which integrates temperature measure, mask recognition, access control and attendance, it can do efficient temperature detection, identity recognition and access management in variety of places.

Pure Cool Air Purifier.jpg

Pure Cool Air Purifier

Hi-Tech Safety Technology

Automatically cleans a whole room properly, capturing 99.95% of harmful pollutants. Floor-standing purification. Automatically detects and reports air quality levels in real time on PM2.5, PM10, VOC & NO2. Purifies all year round. Cools you when you need it.

Face Thermometer Extended.jpg

Face Thermometer

Extended Version

Face Thermometer is a complete epidemic prevention solution which integrates temperature measure, it can do efficient temperature detection, identity recognition and access management in variety of places. Sensors made by HEIMANN Germany


Inspection Robot

Security Technology

Explosion-proof wheel inspection robot is mainly composed of robot body, wireless base station, autonomous charging device and remote control station. Widely used in Class II explosive environment, it can replace the inspectors to perform the environmental inspections.


UVC Air Sanitizer

Office or Home Version

1. 6 stage air purification
2. Double filters with anti-bacteria
3. Child lock
4. 5 levels of powerful Hepa filtration
5. Built in UV-C light and Ionizer
6. Timer Set(8hours)
7. PM2.5 Detection
8. 4 Fan speed level with auto mode
9. Modern design with large flow rate
10. Displays air quality in real time

Delivery Robot.jpg

Delivery Robot - T1

Delivery Service Technology

One of the most advanced and accurate commercial robot for delivery. This robot is commonly used in restaurants, offices, hospitals, hotels etc. A very good attraction for public for robot service. The Robot have accurate delivery function, Lidar/Slam Navigation, Infrared Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensor, Anti-Collision Sensor.

Max Robot.jpg



Welcome Robot

Max Pro is a medium and large service robot which integrates the function of consultation, guidance, propaganda, load, entertainment. It can provide multiple service solution for enterprise, market, restaurant, bank, hospital, government affair hall and other application scenario by its powerful processing system. Max can do patrol, carry and tow etc.

Pepper 1.jpg



Humanoid Robot

Designed for professional environments, and to integrate into them as naturally as possible. Pepper is an attractive and endearing humanoid robot. Pepper offers a rich experience with real added value
in a physical location.

Currently Sale only in KSA & Russia.

Multi Disinfection Robot 2.jpg

Disinfection Robot - M2

UV & Spray Robot

Short wave UVC ultraviolet lamp + Disinfectant atomizer. Dual mode no dead corner disinfection. Let bacteria and viruses have nowhere to hide. Safer disinfection process, No adhesion, small particles, no residue. Real-time monitoring of disinfection process, production complete work log, disinfection path is clear. Suitable for offices and shopping malls.

Palm Thermometer.jpg

Palm Thermometer

Thermal Detection Device

A high precision infrared sensor to detect human body temperature. The chip made by Belgium Melexis 90614 makes it more accurate and fast. An economical product for Office, Buildings, Malls, Shops, Airports etc. Single temperature measuring speed is less than 0.5 sec.

Face Recognition Terminal.jpg

Face Reader Terminal

Model: DS-K1TA70MI-T

This is a kind of access control device integrated with temperature screen function. It can fast taking skin-surface temperature and upload abnormal temperature to the center, which can be widely applied in multiple scenarios, such as offices, metro stations, factories, schools etc.

Thermo Control Station.jpg

Thermal Control Unit

Made in Russia

A suitable solution for offices, buildings, shopping malls, Airports to check & monitor temperature and respond back immediately. The Control Station also activates message alert system in case of high temperature detection. 

Size: 165 (H) х 97 (L) х 510 (W)cm.

UV Sterilizing Robot.jpg

UV Sterilizing Robot - M1

Disinfection Technology

The UV-Robot takes mobile robot platform as the carrier, and is equipped with intelligent pulse ultraviolet disinfection module, which can realize the requirement of 360° non-dead corner disinfection of public space air.

  • Body Size: 630*450*1341

  • Max Speed: 100cm/s

  • Working Time: 3H

Delivery Robot 3.jpg

Delivery Robot

Dish Delivery Robot Technology

Standing roughly 5 feet tall, Robot provides seamless service as an office and delivery robot. She can hold up to 5kg of weight on her trays, and is equipped with SLAM Tech, making navigation an ease. Perfect for offices, restaurants, and promotional settings, She is a robot that will stand out from the crowd!

Size: 78 L x 56 W x 150 H cm

Profile Picture-01-01.jpg

Industrial Air Sanitizer


Filter Stages: PP Pre+ HEPA+Carbon Filter+Photo catalysis +UV lamp Anion concentrations: 5 million
Special filter design. Hepa Level 12 Filter can remove dust, bacteria, pollen smoke up to 99.9%. Enjoy a clean life and control it at any time. 6 stage air purification, Double filters with great anti-bacteria effect, 5 levels of powerful Hepa Filtration.

Service Robot.jpg



Interactive Robot

Humanoid design

Very beautiful, with hands ,feet and waist, affinity image

Voice interaction + face recognition

Rich perception, Live Video Monitoring System

Allow to monitor the place and also provides audio out to control the situation.

Size: 92cm(H)x 30cm(D)x 40cm(W)

Dr Robot 6.jpg

Customer Service Robot

Multi Function Reception Robot

The robot equipped with a sensor which can sense the human body when they are close to it, It will actively interact with the visitor, such as broadcast promotion information, or greeting, play video, etc. You can custom any information content when It interacts with people.

Height: 163 cm

Operating System: Android 6.0




Humanoid Robot (Rental Only)

Hanson Robotics develops the world’s most human-like robots, endowed with remarkable expressiveness, aesthetics, and interactivity. Sofia robot will serve as AI platforms for
research, education, medical and healthcare, sales and service, and entertainment applications.


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Software Solutions Partner

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Robotics Partner

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